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This is an amazing holistic treatment, which has been used for thousands of years. It works on the principle that the body is reflected in the feet and also the hands. Various massage moves are used on the feet to begin with to relax you and to warm up the muscles in your feet.


Specialised movements are used on various reflex points on your feet, which correspond to your organs, glands, muscles all parts of your body.  These movements detect any imbalances and release any blockages.

Reflexology will help to balance your body, restore your energy levels and activate the body’s healing process. However it does not attempt to diagnose, or say that it can cure illness.


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Reflexology has been shown to help many conditions, some of which include:


• Stress and tension

• Insomnia

• Depression

• Anxiety

• Pre menstrual tension

• Back pain

• Increase in energy.

• Strengthen the immune system.

• Headaches, migraines, sinuses,

• Digestive problems.


Reflexology is very relaxing and non invasive and it is also good for those who would like to try a treatment for the very first time. I use Aromatherapy oils with this treatment and channel healing energy to you if you require.


It is also an idea treatment for those who require palliative care.














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