Spiritual Healing


I am used as a channel for healing energy. The energy comes from the highest source, a spiritual source, divine or universal energy, or whatever name that you prefer to use.
It is the transmission of energy through a healer to the person that is in need of it from a spiritual source.

Spiritual healing should not be confused with 'spiritualism' as the two are not related. It requires no specific faith or belief system.
Spiritual healing provides the energy that is needed to help your body start its own healing ability back into action.

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There are seven main chakras or energy centres which are in line with the spine and correspond to various aspects of your spiritual, mental, emotional and physical well being. When these are balanced healing energy can flow more freely and can be taken to where it is needed.

This is a holistic healing, in that the body is treated as a whole, mind, body and spirit, the energy will go to where you need it and will leave you feeling more balanced, peaceful, uplifted and relaxed.

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A treatment can be undertaken while you are seated in an ordinary chair or lying down on my therapy couch. You are fully clothed although you may be requested to remove your shoes.

The only physical contact is at the start and finish when I place my hands on your shoulders and briefly during the session when I may touch your feet.

During the healing session gentle background music is played.

You may feel the healing energy as gentle warmth, an up liftment or perhaps a deep sense of calm and peace and will often enter a state of deep relaxation.

No two healing sessions are the same as everyone needs varying amounts of energy in different areas of your being at different times. Thus each person’s experience is unique.

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